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Pet Help and Rescue

Dog and cat rescues. Although they may be full, they still advertise. If you do need to find a home for your pet, try going to for some ideas. It's a good idea to start looking early and if all the shelters are full, try for a foster home until you can find the right owner.

Click any of the highlighted links to enter the website for more information.

Pet Connections Animal Rescue and Rehabitlition, Old Lyme, CT will provide financial assistance pets in need of a spay or neuter, fostering, veterinary care, adoption referrals and lost and found assistance.  An all-volunteer organization that is funded only by private contributions.

Animal Welfare League serving New London County only pets in need of financial assistance. Call your pets veterinarian on how to contact this organization. (No website privided)

Fix it Foundation offering low cost spay and neuter by searching for a participation hospital near you.

Friday's Rescue Foundation, Groton, CT rescuing abandoned, traumatized and in need of immediate medical care and housing.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue rescuing dogs in southern high-kill shelters using a USDA- licensed transport company to bring dogs from the South to New England. 

H.O.P.E Spay and Neuter Clinic, Plantsville, CT

Go Fund Me is an online charity account that is based on your story.

Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Hudson, Mass

Pets For Patriots Various websites that may apply to you for help with veterinary bills.

Ideas To Help Pay Veterinary Bills 
  • Ask your Veterinarian about payments over time;
  • Ask if the Veterinarian will accept post dated checks;
  • Find out what the minimum is that can be done that will solve the problem;
  • Get a second opinion re: costs;
  • Borrow from family, friends, bank, etc.;
  • Use equity in your car, home to obtain funds;
  • Cash in or borrow against life insurance policy or stocks;
  • Ask for a salary advance from your employer;
  • Get a second job or work overtime if available;
  • Have a garage sale; sell on eBay, pawn items of value;
  • Ask your church for help;
  • Consolidate high interest credit debt to get cash;
  • Ask local Humane Society or shelter for assistance;
  • Trade services or goods with your Veterinarian;
  • Contact Veterinary Schools;
  • Start a “Pet Emergency Fund” at your bank;
  • If you have a specific breed, some clubs for different breeds offer assistance;
  • If the cat is not yours, ask the Vet for a “Good Samaritan” discount;
  • Ask for a written prescription and fill it at an online pet supply;
  • Ask if the Vet has sample medications to give;
  • Ask your credit card holder to increase your credit limit;
  • If you qualify, ask for a senior discount.